Product information

Before you upload a photo, you can choose between a Canvas, Puzzle or a Digital File.


Canvas prints are a popular way to print artwork or photos and hang them on the wall. Canvas is a strong and durable fabric made from cotton or linen, and it has a rough texture that is perfect for absorbing ink or paint.

When a design is printed on canvas, it takes on a beautiful, authentic look similar to a painting on canvas. The material is also lightweight, so it's easy to hang and move around.

Furthermore, it comes with a hanging kit, so with the Canvas Print you have a ready-made product right away!

Digital File

With the digital file, you will not receive a physical product, but only the design in high quality (300 dpi) by email as a JPEG file. 

This file is good enough to print out yourself, use as a background on your computer/mobile, or use for other products, like for example a breadbox and a mug!


Puzzles are great gifts and are loved by everyone. They all come with a stunning box. Puzzles will be enjoyed by adults and children alike. Choose from four different puzzle piece counts and sizes. All puzzles will be printed on a 1.9mm cardboard.