Photo Guide

We can turn almost any photo into a beautiful work of art, but use the tips below for the very best results:

Photo at eye level

When you take a photo at eye level, the photo looks most realistic when we place it in the new world. This is because it completely matches the perspective then.

All body parts visible

Make sure all the body parts are visible that should appear in the photo. If you take a photo from too close up, it's not uncommon for pieces of arms or legs to be left out of the photo. Unfortunately, we can't magically add complete body parts to your photo, so make sure everything is visible!

High quality photo

Avoid blurry photos or motion blur. If you want to use a photo that has been taken before, make sure you get the original file: Photos sent to you via a chat service or social media are always of lower quality than the original!

Natural Daylight

Take the photo during the day and make sure there is enough natural light. If the sun is shining brightly, it is best to shoot in the shadow, this prevents too bright light and unwanted shadows on the body parts.
Avoid photos taken indoors in low light.

Now you're all set for the perfect portrait!